Euthanasia – hardest decision of them all

Your blood turns ice cold while your eyes burn and tears form. You’ve known this day would come, but the reality has never sunk in. Nobody wants to see their pet suffer, and nobody wants to say goodbye either. But ...

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Hydrotherapy for dogs

vet hydro 1

I’ll answer your question by discussing a specific case we recently dealt with. Every once in a while we get a patient referral, and you just know THIS one is going to be special. And when she finally arrives she takes over ...

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Dogtown SA named South Africa’s favourite charity for 2015


South Africans casted their vote in the 2015 annual MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Vote4Charity survey, in support of their favourite charity. The winning charity was Dogtown SA/Barking Mad- a MyPlanet (focusing on animal welfare) beneficiary. Voting Results Dogtown SA/Barking Mad was followed ...

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How to manage moulting birds

A parrot in moulting will preen himself much more than usual

Moulting is a natural process that happens in all birds, as birds are the only living things with feathers. During a moult new feathers replace old, damaged feathers. Some birds moult gradually throughout the year and owners do not even ...

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Is too much fat bad for our pets?

Fat cat

What we call ‘fat’ is medically referred to as ‘white adipose tissue’, but until recently we thought fat stored excess energy and just made your pet ‘big’. The idea was that fat was physiologically inert. But then scientists discovered that ...

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Pet food guide


In 2011, South African pet owners were struck with fear when at least 12 dogs died of aflatoxicosis after eating contaminated pet food. Serious incidents like these raise questions about the safety of pet food and how companies test their ...

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Annual Vaccinations


Should all dogs and cats receive booster vaccinations every year for their whole lives? I have heard people talking about so-called titre tests that vets can do to determine if a pet really needs a booster vaccination. Are these readily ...

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Essential Amino Acids


The truth is dogs and cats do not need any protein in a healthy state at all. What they do need is the building blocks of protein. Even if animals ingested their exact daily requirements of protein, their alimentary tract ...

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Diabetes in pets


Diabetes in pets can be controlled through veterinary care and by following a strict diet, much like humans need. The causes and resultant symptoms of diabetes are similar, although not the same, in humans and pets. Dogs usually have type 1 ...

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Worms and deworming


Internal parasites may take up residence in your pet’s intestines or other organs and cause serious health complications. We look at how deworming products are formulated and manufactured to provide a safe and effective way to control them. Endoparasites or ...

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Dental care for your pets

online dental care

By the time your pet is two years of age he will probably have some degree of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). With increasing age, many animals will go on to develop periodontitis, which is inflammation of the structures supporting ...

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