Part 42 – New adventure


Until we are around a year old, our Puppy Raisers have to do as much socialising with us as they can. So I went out with Mom as often as I could, and we visited many different places like shopping ...

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Part 40 – Weekend boarder


When puppies on the Puppy Raising Scheme are about one year old, they go back to South African Guide-Dogs Training Centre to start their formal training to become Guide Dogs, Service Dogs, or Autism Support Dogs. They go to ‘school’ ...

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Part 39 – Obedience class and some fun


After I finished my puppy classes I enrolled in an obedience class. It is at the same school as I did my puppy classes and is called Elementary Obedience. As the name says it is very basic obedience. The course ...

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Part 38 – Out and about


As part of our socialisation, we have to go out and experience as many things as possible. We went to an expo and there were loads of people and things to see. There was a helicopter and people could pay ...

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Part 37 – I’ve got bigger!

toy box

I’ve been in my new home for three months now. I thought I’d show you how much I’ve grown. This was my very first dog bed when I came home, so I still like it very much. Mom says I’ve ...

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Part 33 – Photos from the park


This is just a few photos of us having fun at the park. As you can see the most fun is splashing and running! There is also a video of me splashing and playing in the water! Next time I visit a ...

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