Part 27 – Smelling the roses

rose 1

I so wish I could post all my photos for you guys to see. I’m having so much fun at home and everywhere I go. So I try my best to choose the best ones. It’s really hard sometimes. We have ...

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Part 26 – Meeting the cows!


So the most important part of our training as puppies is socialisation. And Mom thought meeting cows would be just perfect! She told me that we were going to a farm and I would meet cows and chickens and bunnies ...

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Part 25 – Some pictures from home


As I’ve said before, the shell filled with water is one of Anja’s favourite things. Here Anja, Emily and I are all getting our ears wet. Anja and Emily love to play, and I tried to join in. I’m a ...

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Part 22 – Puppy Graduate Kenobi

DSCF3060cr  dd

I reached the end of my puppy classes at McKaynine Training Centre – our last class was graduation!! We first got together and they told us what classes we can go on to do once we graduate. I was cuddling with Dad and keeping ...

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Part 21 – Playdate with Emily and Quota


I had another playdate with Quota and this time sister Emily and another friend, Bourbon, joined us. From left is me, Bourbon, Quota and Emily Look at my face! I’m gonna catch you! Next time I will tell you about ...

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Part 20 – With my sisters at home


So Anja is not so bad – she’s tried to play with me a few times! She’s got really big teeth – you’ll see them in the photos – but luckily she doesn’t bite me with them. They can look ...

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Part 19 – GDA Festival


South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind had a Festival at their centre in Paulshof – there were all kinds of stalls and loads of people, arena entertainment, fun competitions and food (for the humans).   Guide Dog puppies-in-training were ...

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Part 18 – Learning at McKaynine


A big part of puppy classes is to introduce us puppies to as many different things as possible while we are still very young. This is to show us that most things are okay. We learn that not all things ...

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Part 17 – Playtime at GDA

So here are some pics from my latest puppy class at Guide Dogs. Meeting up with my brothers and sister is always so much fun! I met this doggie at the entrance to GDA. But I realised pretty quickly it’s ...

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Part 16 – Fun at home

Happy New Year to all my friends and family!!!! I hope it will be your best year ever. Did you all have a good holiday? I loved the holidays!! Here are some pics of us just lazing around … We ...

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