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Starting up your marine aquarium

A marine aquarium can provide a wonderful focal point in your home, a place for rest and relaxation

With Finding Dory hitting the big screens in mid-2016, children all over the world will again be talking about clownfish, hippo tangs and angelfish … Setting up and maintaining a marine aquarium can be a challenging but fulfilling hobby. While ...

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Bluefin tuna

Bluefin tuna

Like all tuna, the bluefin is a saltwater finfish who is part of the mackerel family. For many years, bluefin tuna have been fished extensively leading to severe overfishing. This month, we list 10 cool things about bluefin tuna!   ...

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Waterfowl for your garden

When selecting a duckling, always look for fluffy ones with bright eyes

Are you interested in keeping waterfowl in your garden? Aviculture is enjoyed by people from all walks of life and provides a wonderful way for bird enthusiasts to learn more about various species. Provided they have a home which is ...

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Cool things about the nile crocodile

Nile croc

  One of the largest of all crocodilians, the Nile crocodile weighs up to 900kg and can grow to a length of over 6m (their average weight is 410kg and average length is 4m). The Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) is ...

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Pet rats: your questions answered


Rats are social and affectionate animals who often develop an intense connection to their humans. They are intelligent and can be taught simple tricks or to respond to their names. Contrary to popular belief, they are very clean and easy ...

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Monarch butterfly’s epic migration


The migration of animals or birds from one side of a continent to the other is a well-known phenomenon in nature. But in most cases it’s a specific generation that completes the whole journey from beginning to end. What makes ...

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10 cool things about the fish eagle

fish eagle

The African fish eagle is known around the world as a symbol of strength and is often used to show the power of a company, country or organisation. The African continent is the proud home of this majestic bird of ...

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Guinea Pigs – Part 1

guinea american

Guinea pigs make great first pets and are relatively easy to look after. Before getting a guinea pig make sure that you have the time, budget and knowledge to meet all his needs. Different breeds There are many different breeds ...

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Setting up an aquarium


Setting up an aquarium requires some basic knowledge of the equipment needed, tanks and accessories, water quality, light, water temperature and aquarium fish species. Which tank is best? There are a number of different sized rectangular glass tanks available on ...

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Animals of the Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls

Although not the world’s widest or highest waterfalls, the Victoria Falls are considered the most spectacular. When taking all the dimensions into account, they are the biggest curtain of falling water on planet Earth. Situated in the mighty Zambezi River ...

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The Puma


Puma Fact File Scientific name: Puma concolorDistribution: From the northern Yukon in Canada (North America) to the southern Andes in South AmericaHabitat: Although he prefers dense bush, this cat can adapt to every habitat type within his regionPrey: Pumas need ...

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Diabetes in pets


Diabetes in pets can be controlled through veterinary care and by following a strict diet, much like humans need. The causes and resultant symptoms of diabetes are similar, although not the same, in humans and pets. Dogs usually have type 1 ...

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