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A broken home: what about the pets?


Earlier this year, Stats SA released the latest marriage and divorce statistics for 2014. Over 24,600 divorce forms were processed during that year, equating to a 3.4% increase in the divorce rate from the previous year. What about the pets? ...

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5 cool things about swans

Swans - both gorgeous and interesting!

1.Picture perfect Swans belong to the same waterfowl family as ducks and geese, Anatidae. While ducks and geese are both charming in their own way, the swan will most likely win a beauty contest between these three! The pure white ...

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Cool things about the hammerhead shark

One of nature's unique creations - the hammerhead shark

The hammerhead sure is an intriguing animal! Here are some things you might not know about him: Stating the obvious One of nature’s weirder-looking creatures, it’s not hard to see how the hammerhead shark got his name. His scientific name ...

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Keeping chickens

Chickens can be awesome pets!

When you really love animals, often a dog and cat are just not enough. Chickens can make great pets, provided you have the means, time and space to care for them. As with any pet, it is extremely important to ...

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Wild romance

Be my Valentine!

In the English language there are many expressions about love that refer to nature. Just think about the likes of ‘love nest’, ‘love on the rocks’, ‘love birds’, ‘puppy love’ and ‘love rat’. Here at Animaltalk, we think we have ...

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The delightful world of dolphins

The dolphin is one of the world's favourite animals.

The dolphin is the world’s darling. There are over 40 species and most live in warm waters, with only a few, like the right whale dolphin, preferring colder climates. Their diet consists mainly of squid and fish, though larger species, ...

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Be snake smart this summer


Every spring gives rise to reptiles coming out of their winter slumber to hunt for a much-needed spring meal. With snakes, hunting of prey is done by sight and sometimes scent, depending on the species. A snake’s sense of smell ...

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Why is clean water so important?

Your pets' water needs to be clean and fresh at all times

Dogs and cats drink approximately 40-60mℓ of water per kilogram of body weight per day. That means a dog weighing 10kg will drink about half a litre of water per day. This can vary due to environmental factors and the ...

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The wonderful world of the koala

The koala loves to sleep!

This arboreal marsupial is native to Australia and spends his lazy days sleeping in trees and consuming large amounts of eucalyptus leaves. Koalas are solitary and only meet to mate. After a pregnancy of just 35 days, a tiny, hairless ...

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