Be my Valentine!
Be my Valentine!

Wild romance

Be my Valentine!  Wild romance Animal love

Be my Valentine!

In the English language there are many expressions about love that refer to nature. Just think about the likes of ‘love nest’, ‘love on the rocks’, ‘love birds’, ‘puppy love’ and ‘love rat’.

Here at Animaltalk, we think we have figured out why that is. When it comes to love, nature does it best! Finding a mate in the animal world happens in many different ways – while some animals find their mates in very endearing ways, others are a bit more creative. Read on to find out about romance, courtship, one-night stands and more … this is how animals do it.

Seahorses are a great example.

These critters are known to court their chosen one for several days, and they put a lot of energy into this process. During the period of courtship they will engage in what appears to be a sort of ‘love dance’. They tend to swim side by side, mirroring each other’s movements; they swim snout to snout, hold tails and change colours to indicate that they are ready for romance. Male seahorses, in what some women may perceive to be the ultimate romantic gesture, are the ones who fall pregnant and carry the young. The female stays by his side until he gives birth, and she will visit him regularly, continuing to hold his tail and flirt with him.

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