Feb 26, 2015

Thoroughbreds from track to ring (Part 1)

Thoroughbreds have fascinated horse enthusiasts for centuries. As a breed, they are the embodiment of physical strength, displaying great athleticism, …read more Read more here::

Selective breeding of wild animals

Press release: NSPCA’s FORMAL STANCE ON THE SELECTIVE BREEDING OF WILD ANIMALS FOR COLOUR MUTATIONS In South Africa there is an exploding trend of intensively breeding

The Noriker

Breed standard Height: 152 to 165cmDescription: Head is dry with draught characteristics; neck is strong and muscular; shoulder is long and …read more Read more

Riding in France

France’s Loire Valley is a realm of mystery and beauty where every path leads to grand chateaux, tranquil vineyards and …read more Read more here::

The modern Arabian

Think of the Arabian horse, and images of the vast desert are conjured up. Sand dunes and Bedouin tents set …read more Read more here::

Avoiding horse theft

Taking precautions Hundreds of horses are lost to theft every year, and few are ever recovered. There are several things owners and …read more Read

Freestyle dressage

Judy Vertue offers tips on composing a Freestyle for beginners. How do people begin? Firstly, understand the Objective of the Freestyle which …read more Read

Breed profile: the Siamese

A truly classic breed, the Siamese originated in Siam, modern-day Thailand, many centuries ago. The National Library in Bangkok has a set of manuscripts dated

World Spay Day

On the last Tuesday of February, World Spay Day shines a spotlight on the lifesaving power of spay/neuter and the need for affordable services, particularly

Leg protection for Polo ponies

No leg, no horse. Horse-people learn this saying early on, and protecting your horse’s legs becomes even more important when …read more Read more here::

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