July 29, 2015

The rising cost of horse care

Economies worldwide are taking strain. We hear about massive national debts, crude oil prices, and experience for ourselves the pressure …read more Read more here::

Pet friendly Holidays on MixFM

Roxy Blows chats about Pet friendly Holidays on MixFM from the July issue of Animaltalk magazine #AnimaltalkListenstoRoxyBlows If you are planning to take your pets


Preventing worm infestation is a priority for horse owners, but far too many people believe that giving your horse a …read more Read more here::


Support Dogtown SA and BECOME A FURRY FEEDER #AnimaltalkCares With monthly costs always on the increase, Dogtown SA needs to be absolutely sure that its

The Somali

  A unique-looking cat – almost like something between a wild cat and a fox – the Somali has gained much popularity since the breed

Dogs who serve

Did you know that International Assistance Dog Week (IADW) is celebrated each year in August? This annual tribute was created to recognise the devoted and

Hydrotherapy for dogs

I’ll answer your question by discussing a specific case we recently dealt with. Every once in a while we get a patient referral, and you

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