January 4, 2016

Stay safe when you ride!

Stay safe and enjoy your ride Whenever you ride, it’s important to do everything you can to stay safe and avoid …read more Read more

Keep it cool!

Parts of South Africa are experiencing a particularly hot summer, with the mercury expected to keep rising. This is as uncomfortable for our pets as

Part 16 – Fun at home

Happy New Year to all my friends and family!!!! I hope it will be your best year ever. Did you all have a good holiday?

Does your horse have ADHD?

Your horse’s attention span definitely impacts your schooling. Schooling isn’t easy. It takes commitment, patience and a clear idea of what …read more Read more

Artificial light for breeding

Artificial light assists breeding cycles in mares Horses are seasonal breeders – this is why most foals in the Southern Hemisphere …read more Read more

Teddy golf day

On Wednesday 9 December 2015, San Lameer Country Club was the proud host for the Golfing for Teddy golf day to raise teddies and funds

Boxing Day hunt

Riders going home after an eventful hunt The hunt saw a huge turnout of 55 riders on Boxing Day many of …read more Read more

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