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  • Separation anxiety in dogs

    The bond between people and their dogs is one of the most beautiful relationships between two specie...

  • Recall training

    A reliable recall is one of the most important things to teach your pup, to the point where it can e...

  • WODAC Pet Expo 2019

    We’re counting the days to this year’s WODAC Pet Expo at the Gallagher Convention Centre...

  • Choosing the ideal breed dog

    We all have different personalities, and dogs also have character traits that make them special. To ...

  • Prevent resource guarding video

    It is a natural behaviour for dogs to be a bit possessive of their stuff. If they were still living ...

Digging – Part 1

Why do dogs dig? Confinement stress and lack of mental and physical stimulation Dogs who are confined to a yard, rarely taken off the premises, and provided with little or inadequate mental stimulation, are far more likely to dig and ...

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Always read the instructions on the packaging before treating your pet with a tick and flea control product. #ThursdayHealthTip

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Heroes carry 40kg dog down mountain

These wonderful heroes carried a 40kg dog down a mountain to safety. #AnimaltalkNews January 13 2015 at 07:36am By Staff Writer Cape Town – Bella, a golden retriever from Newlands, often goes up Table Mountain with her mate Blue and her ...

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For at-your-finger-tip facts about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, see the January issue of Animaltalk magazine.

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Throwing a Birthday Party for Your Dog

Know how to throw a Birthday Party for Your Dog. #AnimaltalkMagSA Let’s face it, our dogs aren’t just pets, they’re family. So, why not celebrate their birthdays just like we do for our kids – with a party! From choosing a ...

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UPDATE Dog beaten to death

The NSPCA UPDATE on the dog that was beaten to death. #AnimaltalkNews The National Council of SPCAs confirms that the Lowveld SPCA is working closely with the White River SAPS to ensure that justice is served for a Husky dog, ...

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Canine sports at a glance

Here is a brief overview of some canine sport disciplines you can do in South Africa: Agility – Contact and non-contact agility fall in this category. Contact agility is a fun sport with obstacles including jumps, weave poles, tunnels and contact ...

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Perfecting your Park Etiquette

Is your pooch a well-mannered park-goer or are you that dreaded owner the other dog walkers avoid? Make sure that you stick to the unwritten rules of public parks by teaching your best friend how to behave around other dogs, ...

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#AnimaltalkMagSA #TuesdayTrainingTip Patience and a positive approach are two of the most important pillars of animal training.

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How to groom dogs

For tips of how to groom dogs during periods of shedding, see the November issue of Animaltalk magazine. #AnimaltalkMagSA

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Dogtown Christmas Brick Campaign

Support the Dogtown Christmas Brick Campaign this year and their effort to get the premises ready for those who do not have homes of their own. #AnimaltalkMagSA

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