Dog talk

Ideal dog walking lead

The ideal lead for your dog depends on what type of walking you do with him. If you need to keep him safe in street

Coat types and textures

Have you also wondered if a dog’s coat type is different from the texture of the coat? Dogs either have a single or double coat

Heimlich manoeuvre video

Use the Heimlich manoeuvre when your dog chokes on something. Here is a video that shows you how to do it.

How to make more sense to your pet

Without even knowing it, we unintentionally communicate with our pets on a daily basis with our facial expressions, hand gestures and other movements. Dogs have

Bloody nose

If your dog has an episode of epistaxis, or in layman’s terms a nosebleed, this could be due to many things. Often the cause is

Safe dog nail clipping

The safest way to trim your dog’s nails is to use a guillotine or scissors clippers. The latter is better for larger breeds or dogs

Q & A: Hairballs in dogs

Q: Do dogs also struggle with hairballs? A: Cats spend much time grooming themselves, which predisposes them to getting hairballs. Dogs don’t groom as excessively

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