Dog talk

Sleeping puppies

Q: Puppies sleep a lot. Why do they need to take a nap so often? A: Just like human babies need sleep, so do puppies.

Are you ready for a cat?

You really want a pet and think that a cat is an obvious choice, because they are generally independent and just do their own thing.

Feeding guidelines

Many pet owners wonder how much they’re supposed to feed their pets. Keep in mind that there are guidelines on the packaging of the food

Q & A: Applying sunblock

Q: Our white Labrador suffers from sunburn on his nose. The problem is, the moment we apply sunscreen, he licks the area until there is

Q & A: Constantly hungry dog

Q: My 15-year-old dog weighs 10kg and is constantly hungry. Should I feed him bit by bit every 30 minutes or so, or should I

Q & A: Chasing tails

Q: Why do dogs chase their tails? A: Tail chasing is a complex behaviour that can have various environmental, physiological, genetic and psychological causes. Some

Choosing a family dog

With so many breeds to choose from, you are bound to find a dog who will suit your lifestyle and requirements. While some people prefer

Why do dogs bark?

Have you also wondered why dogs bark? Some dogs bark more than others, and they bark for various reasons. Causes for a dog to bark

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