Dog talk

Q & A: Do dogs love humans?

Q: I heard that dogs don’t have any emotional attachment to humans, and that they don’t have the ability to love you. And that they

Tips for training a rescue dog

Rescuing a dog from a shelter is very brave and might be challenging at times, especially when you want to teach him new things and

Q & A: Lonely dog

Q: One of our dogs recently died of old age, and now the other dog is extremely lonely and clearly misses him tremendously. What can

Q & A: Canine osteoarthritis

Q: My dog has just been diagnosed with arthritis. How can I make life more comfortable for him? A: Canine osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease

TechTalk: Diabetes app for pets

Nowadays, there is an app to download onto your phone for just about anything you can think of. Some apps are really helpful, like the

Quiz: Adopt, or not?

Are you ready to take a new pet into your home, but you’re not sure whether or not you’re ready to adopt from a shelter?

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