Dog talk

Training your dog to do agility

As your puppy grows older and achieves one milestone after the other, you might want to introduce him to more activities to keep him fit.

Why pet sterilisation is best

It is better to have your pets sterilised to avoid unwanted pregnancies, especially if you are not a registered breeder. Intact males roam to find

10 no-nos when you get your new puppy

There is no handbook with one-size-fits-all information on behaviour training that will work for all dogs, but there are some guidelines that you can follow

Showing more affection

Do you also wonder how to show your dog more affection? Besides the traditional ways, try these: Be a responsible pet owner and provide your

The 7 dog groups explained

There are seven groups or categories of dogs in South Africa into which dogs are placed according to their current function or previous history and

Planning your next holiday

Are you planning your holiday over the Easter period, or maybe later in the year? Will your dog still be a puppy then? This is

Q & A: Socialising puppies

Q: When is the best time to start socialising puppies and what are the first steps? A: Socialisation needs to start as soon as you

Set training goals for your pets

Teaching your pet something new not only occupies him and keeps him from getting bored, but it also keeps his mind stimulated. You’ll also build

How to stop the begging

Do you wonder why do dogs beg and how you can stop your furball from begging? Dogs learn to beg because they get fed titbits.

Q & A: Overweight dog

Q: How do I know if my dog is overweight? A: To determine if a pet is over- or underweight, we do body condition scoring.

Pet planning: what to do and when

Time flies by so fast and, before we know it, another month has passed, and then another year. With our lives filled with meetings, deadlines

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