Dog talk

Balancing the household pet budget

More and more people are starting to feel the financial pinch. With continuously rising costs, it can be difficult to sustain the quality lifestyle that

Q & A: Refusing dinner

Q: Why would my two dogs, out of the blue, and halfway through the bag of dry food, refuse to eat their pellets, even though

How our stress levels affect our pets

Our lives are filled with so many things that we don’t have any control over. From loadshedding and economic pressure to politics and daily deadlines.

Post-walk grooming

Going for a walk in the park with your dog can be fun, until you get home and realise that Rufus needs some grooming –

10 plants that are pet-friendly

Spring is finally here, and we can spend time in our gardens, planting new seedlings and beautifying the outdoor areas around our homes. But you

Taking pet allergies seriously

We all know, at some point in our lives, what it feels like to have an allergy. With symptoms ranging from a runny nose to

Q & A: Helping nervous dog

Q: We just adopted a rescue dog who is extremely nervous. How can we help him? A: Nervousness is common in rescue dogs and may

Teach your dog to skateboard

We’ve all seen videos on TikTok and YouTube of dogs doing amazing tricks on skateboards, and perhaps you wish your dog could skateboard. Don’t doubt

How to spot a healthy rescue pet

Thankfully, more families are deciding to adopt their pets from rescues or shelter facilities nowadays. This has been described as one of the most rewarding

Compulsive scratching and licking

Scratch, scratch, scratch. Lick, lick, lick. Repeat. Just like when a CD glitches! And when your dog does it over and over again, it can

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