Tortoise abuser sentenced

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) investigated a case of deliberate cruelty to a tortoise by Letiya Mercy Lebakeng who was sentenced in the Palm

7 Ways to enrich your dog’s life

Yes, dogs can become bored, and that is usually when behaviour problems can occur. Just like children, dogs need environmental enrichment to stimulate their minds

Tracking poachers in the Kruger National Park

Ten kilometres west of the Kruger National Park is the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC), offering conservation education, training and skills development programmes. To help

7 Cool things about the lion

There is a reason why the lion is the king of the jungle. For instance, did you know that a lion’s canine teeth are about

Cat slipping through the door

If you have an indoor cat who is not allowed outside, but keeps on slipping through the door when you’re going outside, here’s some advice.

Q & A: Hairballs in dogs

Q: Why don’t dogs struggle with hairballs? A: Cats spend much time grooming themselves, which predisposes them to getting hairballs. Dogs don’t groom as excessively

How to treat a whining dog

A young dog who often whines to get attention, is a delicate situation, because it’s important that your dog knows he can always communicate with

Amazing elephant facts

Elephants are such majestic and amazing animals. Here are some facts that you might not have known. 60 years is the average lifespan of an

How to teach your cat her name

Teaching your cat her name, or a new name when she’s been adopted, is easier than what you may think. Find out what your cat’s

Harmful parasites

Q: How can I prevent or treat my birds if they have harmful parasites on them? A:  There are safe bird dewormers on the market.

Velcro dog

Why does my dog follow me into the bathroom? Your dog obviously doesn’t care where you go, as long as he can be with you.

Apex creatures

Ever wondered why certain animals are at the top of the food chain? Animals who eat other animals, but who don’t have natural predators who

Q & A: Koi sunburn

Q: Can koi fish suffer from sunburn, and if so, how can I prevent it? A: Koi fish do get sunburn. The typical symptom of

Is my pet cold?

The lovely thing about South Africa is that our winters aren’t as cold as those of some countries – like in Europe. In general, most

Dogs munching soil

Have you also found your dog eating soil at one time or another? There are several possible reasons for him to do this. It can

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