Q & A: Hamster diarrhoea

Q: My hamster seems to have diarrhoea. Can it be because of his diet? A: Diarrhoea in hamsters can be caused by diet if the

Q & A: Scratching hamster

Q: Do hamsters get fleas? A: A hamster is highly unlikely to get fleas. Hamsters do tend to spend a lot of time grooming. Sometimes

9 Tips to keeping a happy hamster

Hamsters are easy to keep and make good first-time pets for small children. With the correct care, loads of attention and all the necessities, your

Q & A: Do hamsters get fleas?

Q. Do hamsters get fleas? My hamster is constantly scratching, but I’m not sure if it’s fleas or an allergy, but if it is fleas, can I use a dog or cat product on my hamster?

A to Z on pet care (Part 2 of 3)

Do you have what it takes to be a responsible pet owner? Caring for an animal requires a firm commitment to the animal’s health and welfare throughout his life

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