Health and Behaviour

Q & A: Plucking feathers

Q: Do smaller birds, like budgies, also pluck their feathers when they are stressed out? What are the signs of a stressed-out budgie? A:  It

Budgie basics

Q: Do you have any tips for a beginner budgie owner? What should I keep in mind? A: Buy the largest cage you can afford

Sleeping puppies

Q: Puppies sleep a lot. Why do they need to take a nap so often? A: Just like human babies need sleep, so do puppies.

Safe room for kitty’s arrival

To make sure that your kitten adapts well, she should have a safe room prepared for her at your home. The room should contain a

Q & A: Constantly hungry dog

Q: My 15-year-old dog weighs 10kg and is constantly hungry. Should I feed him bit by bit every 30 minutes or so, or should I

Q & A: Chasing tails

Q: Why do dogs chase their tails? A: Tail chasing is a complex behaviour that can have various environmental, physiological, genetic and psychological causes. Some

Q & A: Drinking from a tap

Q: Why do cats prefer drinking from the bathroom tap? A: Many cats seem to prefer drinking water from a running tap rather than a

Why do cats love catnip so much?

There’s a reason why there are so many catnip toys available on the market. According to researchers, it is the ‘happy’ receptors replicating pheromones in

10 no-nos when you get your new puppy

There is no handbook with one-size-fits-all information on behaviour training that will work for all dogs, but there are some guidelines that you can follow

Showing more affection

Do you also wonder how to show your dog more affection? Besides the traditional ways, try these: Be a responsible pet owner and provide your

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