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Coping without a limb

Animals are much more resilient than what we may think. They also think totally differently to humans – they live in the moment and don’t

Teenage cats

Did you know that cats also go through a ‘teenage’ phase like dogs do? This is the time when they start to become sexually mature,

Q & A: Koi sunburn

Q: Can koi fish suffer from sunburn, and if so, how can I prevent it? A: Koi fish do get sunburn. The typical symptom of

Dogs munching soil

Have you also found your dog eating soil at one time or another? There are several possible reasons for him to do this. It can

Q & A: Rabbit hairballs

Q: How do I prevent my rabbit from having problems with hairballs? A: Diet can help. Hairballs can occur in rabbits who are fed an

Teaching kids to be dog-savvy

Having pets and children, or perhaps children first and then pets for them, seems to be part of the natural order of life. We understand

Potty-training a puppy

The best time to housetrain a puppy is as soon as you acquire the puppy! Eight weeks is the earliest puppy leaves his mother and

Q & A: Lump on senior dog

Q: I noticed a lump on my older dog’s skin. What should I do? A: A large portion of cancers start as a skin lump.

Why some cats are so lazy

Cats often get the label of lazy because, when us humans are up and about during the day, we see our cats napping here, there

Weekly or daily brush

Are you wondering how much time to spend brushing your dog every week? The answer to that is that each dog’s grooming requirements are generally

Q & A: Cats on a high

Q: Why do cats love being elevated high up? A: Instead of seeing our cats as the fluffy companions who wake us in the early

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