Pet Dog

Q & A: Chasing tails

Q: Why do dogs chase their tails? A: Tail chasing is a complex behaviour that can have various environmental, physiological, genetic and psychological causes. Some

7 groups of dogs to choose from

Over the years, people have developed and bred dogs for specific reasons – such as hunting, tracking down prey, or to be their companions, to

Reasons to love and own a dog

Do you need to convince someone why you need a dog? Don’t stress; here are a few ‘selling points’, if you need any. But do

Q & A: Surgery time

Q: How do I properly take care of my pet after he’s had an operation? A: Post-operative care is one of the most important aspects

7 things your dog wants you to know

Your dog receives so much love and attention from you, and he enjoys your company. In return, he gives you loyalty and unconditional love. But

Understand your dog’s coughs

We all know how it feels to get the flu virus and how irritating the constant coughing can be. The same goes for our beloved

1000 Paws Walk for SPCA

The 1000 Paws Walk for SPCA is an annual event that has proven to be the largest single fundraising event for the three participating branches

4 Rabies facts you should know

Rabies is caused by a virus and affects all mammals. The World Health Organisation estimates that the disease claims around 60,000 human lives annually, with

Why puppy school is crucial

Have you ever wondered what is the rave about puppy schools and why puppies should attend these classes? Behaviourist Samantha Walpole explains why it is

Must-do adventures with your dog

Don’t miss another second of spending more time with your dog. You can go on interesting adventures and raise your fitness levels at the same

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