puppy behaviour

Q & A: Yawning puppy

Q: What is the difference between a tired yawn and a yawn when my puppy is uncomfortable? A: The difference is in the context and

Q & A: Fearful puppy

Q: Whenever we get guests, our puppy hides somewhere. How can I teach him more self-confidence?  A: Arrange for an accredited behaviourist to come and

Q & A: No nipping and biting

Q: How can I teach my puppy not to nip and bite while playing with the children? A: While nipping and biting is quite common

Q & A: Where’s my slipper?

Q: Why does my puppy love playing with my slippers? She doesn’t chew the slippers, but carries them around all over the house. A: Many

Puppy’s time spent with mom

Puppies should spend as much time as possible with their mom. There are five basic reasons for this: Six- to seven-week-old pups are simply not

10 no-nos when you get your new puppy

There is no handbook with one-size-fits-all information on behaviour training that will work for all dogs, but there are some guidelines that you can follow

Planning your next holiday

Are you planning your holiday over the Easter period, or maybe later in the year? Will your dog still be a puppy then? This is

Q & A: Socialising puppies

Q: When is the best time to start socialising puppies and what are the first steps? A: Socialisation needs to start as soon as you

Q & A: Tearing up furniture

Q: What should I do if my puppy tears up my furniture? A: Puppies need to be actively taught what they can and cannot chew

Q & A: Socialise a puppy

Q: When is the best time to socialise a puppy? A: Puppies go through what is known as the critical period. There is some difference

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