Q & A: Bunny’s hairdo

Q: What is the best way to groom my rabbit? A: Rabbits, especially the long-haired varieties such as the Jersey Wooly, need regular grooming to

Teach your rabbit to sit on your lap

Rabbits are such adorable and affectionate pets, but it can take a while before they trust people. Before you start teaching your bunny to sit

Games to play with your bunny

You can prevent yourself and your bunny from becoming bored, and at the same time keep him in shape, build a strong bond with him

Comparing animal years to human years

It has become very trendy to celebrate our pets’ birthdays with an event similar to a child’s birthday party. We celebrate their actual birthdays or,

Bunny health 101

Domestic rabbits are descended from the wild European rabbit – Oryctolagus cuniculus. Over hundreds of years, wild rabbits who were caught and subsequently bred as

Q & A: Rabbit hairballs

Q: How do I prevent my rabbit from having problems with hairballs? A: Diet can help. Hairballs can occur in rabbits who are fed an

Caring for senior rabbits

Ageing rabbits require different care than younger ones. The average lifespan of a healthy rabbit is 10 to 12 years. We consider them to be

Helping rabbits with hairballs

Is your rabbit struggling with hairballs? Diet can help. Hairballs can occur in rabbits who are fed an inadequate amount of dietary roughage. Unlike cats,

Is a rabbit the ideal pet for you?

That lovely ball of fur with his cute ears can melt any animal lover’s heart. Bunnies have starred in many stories, from Peter Rabbit to

Q & A: Rabbit sore tooth

Q: How can I tell if my rabbit has dental disease, and how can I prevent it? A: One of the most common problems seen

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