What to do with a jealous dog

Do you also struggle with a dog who is seemingly jealous? Without knowing the specifics of what ‘jealous’ behaviour is being displayed, here are a

Q & A: Tearing up furniture

Q: What should I do if my puppy tears up my furniture? A: Puppies need to be actively taught what they can and cannot chew

Plan that holiday

For me, there is something magical about planning a holiday, especially if the year has been hard, like this one has been, with various lockdowns,

Teach your cockatiel to talk

Most cockatiels can learn to say a few words, phrases or whistle a few songs, and it can be quite entertaining. They don’t actually grasp

Q & A: Ideal rat as pet

Q: My youngest son is very interested in having a rat as a pet. Which rat is the best, and where can we get one?

Staying at home cat

Do you also want your cat to stay at home due to all the dangers out there? First of all, sterilisation is key. Cats breed

7 groups of dogs to choose from

Over the years, people have developed and bred dogs for specific reasons – such as hunting, tracking down prey, or to be their companions, to

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