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Sperm Whale Facts

Hefty pirate. At 18m in length and weighing a mammoth 50,000kg, the sperm whale is the planet’s largest predator. This big-bodied ocean resident hunts in deep waters

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10 Cool things about the killer whale

The killer whale or orca can be found in all the oceans, from the warm waters of the Pacific to the icy seas around the poles. Killer whales have been seen to prey on a variety of sea creatures such ...

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Win with Animaltalk and Roxy Blows

You can Win with Animaltalk and Roxy Blows #AnimaltalkListenstoRoxyBlows Roxy Blows’ Animal Show on MixFM is one of our favourite radio shows to listen to. Roxy hosts this show between 9am-12 noon every Wednesday. You can tune in or stream ...

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