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Stop canned lion hunting and lion cub petting

Canned lion hunting is still as real as rhino poaching, and many people are not aware how they unknowingly assist in this inhumane industry. If you want to know how you can help, read Richard Peirce’s latest book, Cuddle Me ...

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10 cool things about the polar bear

Awesome facts about the polar bear: 1. Transparent fur Polar bears appear white, but their fur is actually transparent. It only appears white because it reflects visible light. To humans and other animals who can see only visible light, the ...

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Q&A: How do I keep my pet calm from loud storms and fireworks?

Q. The holiday season sees an increase in storms and the use of fireworks. How do I keep my pet calm? A. Startling at loud noises is a normal survival mechanism for animals, because loud noises are often associated with danger. ...

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