To exercise, or not to exercise

Is your dog a couch potato, or does he drive you crazy at times by tearing the furniture apart or display other strange behaviour? It can be that your dog is just under exercised and bored and is trying to get some stimulation from another source. Don’t ignore this kind of behaviour – he is trying to tell you something.

Does my dog need exercise?

No animal can thrive without exercise. Most dog breeds were originally developed to work and have a specific function. For example, Jack Russell Terriers were bred to hunt foxes, Australian Shepherds for herding livestock and Siberian Huskies for dog sledding. These dogs were bred for speed and endurance and come hardwired with endless energy to perform their jobs. Just because many of these working breeds now live more domesticated lives as pets, it doesn’t mean their energy or need for mental stimulation has waned.

Many dogs now live on smaller properties and no longer have to perform a specific job like herding or hunting. As their primary caregivers, it is important for us to meet their need for exercise, which will ensure their health and wellbeing.


There are two benefits to ensuring our pets get enough exercise: it not only helps our four-legged friends to maintain a healthy weight, but also challenges and stimulates their mental needs.

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