Animaltalk Top Dog Awards calling for nomination

Animaltalk Recognition Awards

The Animaltalk Recognition Awards are divided into three categories: Courageous Canine, Veterinary Excellence and Animal Hero. You, the reader, are in charge of nominating worthy winners through our website,

Courageous Canine

Although all dogs are heroes, there are those dogs who stand out above the rest and who deserve to be honoured for their courageous actions. We are looking for true hero dogs who inspire other people. To nominate the ideal dog, send an email to

Veterinary Excellence

In this category, we honour a passionate representative of the veterinary profession who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to enrich the lives of pets and their owners. They may have accomplished something exceptional in the past year, or it may be the way they conduct themselves to change lives on a daily basis. Email your nomination for

Animal Hero

Either an individual or organisation who enriches the lives of animals who live in substandard circumstances can receive this award. Many people work hard every day to ease the suffering of animals in our society, and we are looking for the one person or organisation who really deserves this award through their special achievements. To nominate your hero, send an email to