8 benefits of professional grooming

Most of us have incredibly busy lives. And while this makes it easy to sometimes neglect our dogs’ needs – albeit unintentionally – we need to make a point of including these things in our schedules. It might seem harmless to not always keep up with your pet’s grooming schedule, but making the effort to do so, will make life so much easier for you, your pet and your groomer.

1. Cleanliness

Nowadays, many people allow their pets to share their beds. It goes without saying that this is much more pleasant with a dog who doesn’t smell or leave dirt behind on your sheets!

 2. Management of shedding

Contrary to popular belief, many shorthaired dog breeds shed an incredible amount of hair – more so than some of the longhaired breeds. The groomer uses a rubber curry brush on shorthaired coats and the dogs usually love it. This piece of equipment leaves the coat silky smooth, massages the skin and gets rid of a lot of loose hair.

3. Health check

Your groomer works closely with every part of your pet’s body. Therefore, they will notice any lumps or wounds that might need medical care – and that you may have missed – and notify you of them.

4. Mat-free

If you have a longhaired dog, the coat needs regular attention to keep it free of mats. A groomer who is presented with a severely matted animal is placed in a difficult position. Removing all those knots will take hours of work, but more importantly, it will be uncomfortable – and perhaps even painful – for the animal. An ethical groomer would not do this and would probably rather suggest that the coat gets shaved. This might leave you disappointed, and can be avoided with regular upkeep of that glorious long coat.

5. Pawdicure

Many owners are hesitant to clip their dogs’ nails. It is quite daunting, because accidentally cutting into the quick of the nail is painful and causes a lot of bleeding. Your groomer can do this for you, and they will know that they should also cut the dewclaw – something that is often forgotten by owners. A dewclaw left to grow, will eventually curl to the front and grow back into the dog’s paw, which is very painful for him.

6. First aid

Reputable groomers are trained in basic first aid and know what to do if your dog shows any signs of a medical emergency, or if the dog accidentally gets hurt in the grooming process. A good groomer will make every effort to be gentle and patient, but unfortunately accidents can happen, because many dogs don’t keep still during the grooming process.

7. Nasty tasks

Your groomer can handle those nasty things that you might be a little too squeamish to do. These include cleaning inside the dog’s ears, brushing his teeth, cleaning tear stains, expressing the anal glands when needed, and removing hair around the dog’s anus to prevent poop from getting stuck in the hair.

8. Good and clean and fresh

Help your pet stay as beautiful as possible. Yes – we love them no matter how they look – but clean, neat, happy and healthy is best!

Good to remember: Have you ever found that your dog behaves differently after he has been shaved? This is because he feels different! Think about how it feels when you’ve had a haircut, or when you take off all your clothes. It feels strange, and the same is true for your pet. Removing all that hair makes the animal feel different, and he will need some time to adjust.


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