Cat Know How

Cats can smell your emotions

Many studies have been done about dogs, and most people are aware of dogs’ amazing olfactory senses and how they use them in many scenarios.

Grooming tips for your longhaired cat

Cats are the ultimate grooming machines, but longhaired cats require a little extra maintenance to keep their luscious fur looking fabulous. Grooming is not just

Cat behaviour 101

They say that we’re never too old to learn new things, and I have to agree. As the editor of Animaltalk magazine, I have learnt

Cat myth-buster

Old wives’ tales, long-tail stories and mythoi are handed down from generation to generation to the extent that we often believe them to be true.

Q & A: Bee stings in cats

Q: What should I do if a bee stings my cat in her mouth? A: If your cat gets stung in her mouth there is

Teach your cat to play fetch

Let’s face it, cats are nothing like dogs. They’re not people pleasers and they will only do something if and when they feel like doing

Signs of a healthy cat

Need to know if your cat is healthy? Here’s a short guide to help you determine the health status of your cat. Please check on

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