Dogs Know How

How to treat a whining dog

A young dog who often whines to get attention, is a delicate situation, because it’s important that your dog knows he can always communicate with

Velcro dog

Why does my dog follow me into the bathroom? Your dog obviously doesn’t care where you go, as long as he can be with you.

Is my pet cold?

The lovely thing about South Africa is that our winters aren’t as cold as those of some countries – like in Europe. In general, most

Dogs munching soil

Have you also found your dog eating soil at one time or another? There are several possible reasons for him to do this. It can

Flossing dog’s teeth

We recently had the question: Besides brushing my dog’s teeth as regularly as possible, do I have to floss his teeth as well? The answer

Teaching kids to be dog-savvy

Having pets and children, or perhaps children first and then pets for them, seems to be part of the natural order of life. We understand

Potty-training a puppy

The best time to housetrain a puppy is as soon as you acquire the puppy! Eight weeks is the earliest puppy leaves his mother and

Training stress in dogs

For some dogs, training can be stressful and here are a few tips on when you should end a training session. There are some very

Create a dog sniffari

Dogs can smell so much better than people can, and they use their olfactory sense to create images in their minds. Why not zone in

Q & A: Lump on senior dog

Q: I noticed a lump on my older dog’s skin. What should I do? A: A large portion of cancers start as a skin lump.

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