Dogs Know How

Q & A: Male-on-male aggression

Q: How do I deal with male-on-male aggression in dogs? A: While conflict is more likely to occur between dogs of the same gender, it’s

10 tips for naming your fur-baby

One of the most exciting parts about getting a new puppy, is choosing his name. There are so many cute names out there, and although

Why do dogs bark?

Have you ever wondered why dogs bark? Causes for a dog to bark can include alerting to a stranger or threat in the dog’s territory,

Pets improve our mental wellness

Cats and dogs have been part of people’s lives for many centuries, but lately they’ve been playing a very different role in our lives. They

Q & A: Tearing up furniture

Q: What should I do if my puppy tears up my furniture? A: Puppies need to be actively taught what they can and cannot chew

Counting down before the holiday

Counting down the number of sleeps left before the holiday starts is an exciting part of the holiday, but getting everything done during that time

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