Animaltalk Top Dog 2019

25th Animaltalk Top Dog Awards

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Class of 2019

Class of 2019 Agility stars
Class of 2019 Top 10 Show dogs

Top 10

The Animaltalk Top Dog for 2019 is Falcon, Great Dane
The 2nd place goes to Radley, Scottish Terrier.
The 3rd place goes to Star Baby, Yorkshire Terrier.
In the 4th place is Thunder, Saluki, who is also Top Hound.
Rush, German Shorthaired Pointer, is in the 5th place.
In the 6th position is Pink, Whippet.
Valenteno, Rhodesian Ridgeback, is in the 7th place.
Woody, Pointer, is in the 8th place.
In the 10th position is Cort, Australian Shepherd, who is also the Top Herding dog.
In the 15th place and Top Bitch is Nala, Bull Terrier.
In the 9th position is Quest, Dalmatian, who is also the Top Utility dog.



Carolyn Chelchinskey’s Katy is the winner of the small category.
Gail Killian’s Kimberley came third in the small category.


Rob Halls’ T won the medium category.
Susan Kleijnhans’ Lexi came second in the medium category.
Lindsay King’s V-Niss who came second in the small category and R-The who came third in the medium category.


Rob Hall’s Duffy won the large category.
On behalf of Keegan Taylor’s Jet who came second in the large category.
Tracey Lander’s Esprit came third in the large category.

Junior Handler

Junior handler winner of 2019 is Kirstin White’s Pix.
Jamie-Lee Hewer’s Echo came second in the junior handler category.

Red carpet moments

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