Dog Training

Q & A: Discourage mouthing

Q: Is it a problem if my young dog ‘mouths’ visitors? Should I discourage his behaviour? A: Meeting visitors can be an exciting event for

Q & A: Crate train

Q: Why should I crate train my puppy? A: Crate training is wonderful and has many benefits, if done correctly. The benefits include: If introduced

Q & A: No nipping and biting

Q: How can I teach my puppy not to nip and bite while playing with the children? A: While nipping and biting is quite common

Tips on how to make your pet famous

We have all had moments of absolute awe and amazement when watching talented pets do extraordinary things. Just scrolling down a social media feed will

New tricks for older dogs

Have you given up on teaching your older dog new things because you believe it all has to be done during puppyhood? Animaltalk is here

9 tips for easier pet teaching

Before you start to teach your dog anything, there are a few things that you, as the owner, should know and understand. For some reason,

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