Dog Training

Q & A: Jumpy lap dog

Q: How can I get my dog to sit still on my lap and not jump up when somebody moves in the house? A: Without

Rally dogs have more fun

Rally dog is an exciting dog sport that was first recognised in South Africa in 2020. In a rally dog test, the handler and dog

Pros and cons of crating your dog

As a dog owner, chances are that you’ve heard all about the great crate debate, or perhaps even took part in the discussions about whether

9 tips for easier puppy training

When you bring your puppy home, this is the best time to start teaching him and then continue for the duration of his life. The

Training treat tips

When you train your dog, there is no doubt that you will need treats to reward him for his hard work. But certain questions often

Training secrets for owners

One of the best ways to spend time and build a strong bond with your dog is to teach him new cues. In so many

Tips for training a rescue dog

Rescuing a dog from a shelter is very brave and might be challenging at times, especially when you want to teach him new things and

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