Cat breeds

Choosing a cat breed

If you are looking to choose a specific breed of cat, and to make a decision if you want to bring home one or two

The Geoffory’s cat

One of the smallest wild cats on earth. Geoffroy’s cat is also very tough and can survive in the harshest of environments. In fact, this feline is believed to be the most adaptable of all cats and can live in very hot as well as cold areas

The Sand Cat

Also known as the sand dune cat, the sand cat is widely distributed in North Africa’s Sahara Desert, the Arabian desert and deserts in Pakistan and Iran

The gorgeous Chinchilla

A Chinchilla is the picture of pure luxury. If you live in a complex and would rather have an indoor cat, then this might be

The Pallas’ cat

The Pallas’ cat is rather strange-looking. His face is a lot flatter than a regular cat’s, but it is not just his appearance that sets

Norwegian forest cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat, who is also affectionately known as a Wegie or Skogkatt, is one of the few naturally occurring pedigreed cat breeds. They

Wild cat: The Margay

The margay is a small cat who lives in dense forests in South America. They are solitary and nocturnal, occupying large territories which they indicate

Breed profile: The Devon Rex

Natural mutation The first Devon Rex arose out of a completely natural mutation. In 1960, Miss Beryl Cox witnessed the birth of the first of

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