Signs of a healthy cat

Need to know if your cat is healthy? Here’s a short guide to help you determine the health status of your cat. Please check on

Q & A: Yoghurt for cats?

Q: Can I give my cat yoghurt to eat? A: There is definitely some reason for concern when giving your cat dairy products. Some cats,

Q & A: Taking a poop sample

Q: My vet has asked me for a faecal sample from my cat. What is the best way to do this? A: Use a Ziploc

Q and A: Parasites in rescue kittens

Q: Do all kittens from rescue shelters struggle with ‘bad’ parasites in their intestines? How can this be treated? A: Kittens from rescue centres are

12 Feeding secrets for cats

Cat owners know how finicky their feline pets can be. Some cats are real ‘foodies’, while others are snobs who often turn their noses up

Introducing a new kitten

Bringing home a new kitten is so exciting, and everybody can’t wait for the new arrival. All sorts of plans are made, information about the

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