How to teach your cat her name

Teaching your cat her name, or a new name when she’s been adopted, is easier than what you may think. Find out what your cat’s

Special treats for my cat and dog

We often get the question: Can I give my cats and dogs extra treats on special days? Is there anything healthy with low kilojoules that

Q & A: Gingivitis in cats

Q: How do I know if my cat suffers from gingivitis? A: Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums, and it is reversible. It can only

No claws, please!

If your cat is using her claws to pull herself onto your lap, then a visit to your vet would be a good idea. Cats

How to manage cat spray

There are many benefits of neutering a male cat, but unfortunately neutering a cat will not stop him from spraying, because that is his way

Choosing a cat breed

If you are looking to choose a specific breed of cat, and to make a decision if you want to bring home one or two

Why some cats are so lazy

Cats often get the label of lazy because, when us humans are up and about during the day, we see our cats napping here, there

Q & A: Cats on a high

Q: Why do cats love being elevated high up? A: Instead of seeing our cats as the fluffy companions who wake us in the early

Q & A: Night-time prowl

Q: Why do cats prowl at night, and sleep all day long? A: The cat’s wild ancestors are largely nocturnal, tending to hunt more during

Regular cat grooming

Cat groom themselves, so why do owners have to groom their cats as well? Regular cat grooming allows you to spend quality time bonding with

Ideal cat scratch options

It’s extremely important to ensure that your cat has multiple appropriate scratching options. There are many different scratch posts and cat gyms available on the

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