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Animaltalk Top Dog Agility Ratings

The rating system works as follows:

  • The qualifying period for the awards runs between 1 January 2017 and 30 November 2017.
  • Points are awarded for all Grade 3 contact agility and grade 3 non contact agility rounds, in all height categories, for events run under a KUSA open show or KUSA Championship show license, throughout South Africa. No demo events are included.
  • Standard course times are calculated at 3.8m/s for contact agility and 4.0m/s for non contact agility.
  • The top 10 contact agility rounds and the top 10 non contact agility rounds for each dog count toward their score.
  • Points are awarded as follows:
  • Clear round = 10 points + 100% bonus points
  • 01 -5 faults = 8 points + 75% bonus points
  • 01-10 faults = 6 points + 50% bonus points

*Bonus points = standard course time – dog’s actual time

Top Dog Agility Bravecto17

Results up to 1 May

This set of points shows you exactly who the current agility front runners are in South Africa in the small, medium and large categories. This will be updated in every second issue of Animaltalk, and you can keep an eye for more agility updates. Agility will be a permanent category in the Animaltalk Top Dog Awards going forward and participants can look forward to a competitive points ranking, keeping them at their most competitive levels.

Rank Dog Handler Province Height Agility Points Non Contact Points Total
1 Milo R. Hall Large GAU 267.86 271.45 539.31
2 Sassy T. Lander Large GAU 185.00 192.11 377.11
3 Kwik R. Wright Large GAU 176.19 188.18 364.37
4 Bright N. Pretorius Large GAU 190.68 162.01 352.69
5 Speedy P. Tutton Large GAU 184.71 154.90 339.61
6 Esprit T. Lander Large GAU 154.20 182.98 337.18
7 China T. Murphy Large KZN 134.64 196.44 331.08
8 Charm J. Yates Large GAU 167.82 165.08 332.90
9 Akira L. van der Merwe Large WP 165.48 144.40 309.88
10 Codie N. Pretorius Large GAU 124.49 144.24 268.73
11 Jet A. Meintjes Large WP 148.72 111.43 260.15
12 Chrisri Blu B. Clark Large SC 123.03 124.51 247.54
13 Bella W. Arneil Large GAU 102.59 141.36 243.95
14 Stardust R. Prinsloo Large GAU 130.11 99.88 229.99
15 Jag J. Van Der Nest Large GAU 110.09 111.34 221.43
16 Epic B. van Dyk Large GAU 76.77 129.88 206.65
17 Pixi K. White Large KZN 104.73 94.45 199.18
18 Rage W. Arneil Large GAU 85.83 110.20 196.03
19 Rocket V. Taylor Large WP 78.22 116.44 194.66
20 Jess P. Tutton Large GAU 53.13 115.24 168.37
21 Chippie R. Rheeder Large GAU 63.42 74.48 137.90
22 Savvy L. van der Merwe Large WP 48.59 84.79 133.38
23 Teaka M. de Klerk Large WP 54.76 65.85 120.61
24 Echo S. Jacoby Large WP 48.75 69.39 118.14
25 Chaos A. Reed Large GAU 52.90 43.47 96.37
26 Diva Y. Friedman Large GAU 60.31 14.45 74.76
27 Buzz J. Truter Large EP 24.00 44.16 68.16
28 Fizz G. Taylor Large KZN 16.77 50.08 66.85
29 Geyser T. Myburgh Large SC 65.66 65.66
30 Falkor Y. Bakker Large GAU 26.42 37.91 64.33
Rank Dog Handler Height Province Agility Points Non Contact Points Total
1 T R. Hall Medium GAU 228.42 225.15 453.57
2 Sumo R. Compaan Medium WP 169.47 159.48 328.95
3 Nikki L. Plekker Medium GAU 92.19 198.04 290.23
4 R-The L. King Medium EP 86.58 111.97 198.55
5 Lollie G. Grohovaz Medium GAU 111.16 64.13 175.29
6 Bowie A. Meintjes Medium WP 77.27 79.79 157.06
7 Lexi S. Kleijnhans Medium GAU 41.95 104.76 146.71
8 Nav-ah C. Segal Medium GAU 62.81 79.60 142.41
9 Jack A. Minnaar Medium WP 43.33 78.31 121.64
10 R-Tic T. Murphy Medium KZN 33.35 44.41 77.76
11 Pippa C. Chelchinskey Medium GAU 34.98 30.78 65.76
12 Zoe C. Grobler Medium GAU 61.20 61.20
13 Pepsi T. van Eeden Medium EP 57.77 57.77
14 Finn J. Du Toit Medium GAU 20.00 22.00 42.00
15 Chanel G. Grohovaz Medium GAU 8.00 24.66 32.66
Rank Dog Handler Height Province Agility Points Non Contact Points Total
1 Q N. Shortland Small EP 161.51 183.00 344.51
2 Kimberley G. Killian Small GAU 132.69 152.71 285.40
3 Rossi G. Killian Small GAU 58.80 124.99 183.79
4 Zoom K. Taylor Small WP 87.05 126.27 213.32
5 Noodle N. Perold Small EP 77.67 102.76 180.43
6 Brandi S. Wainwright Small EP 50.29 105.31 155.60
7 Pop Corn N. Perold Small EP 44.21 78.62 122.83
8 Sonic H. Jordaan Small WP 35.70 62.59 98.29
9 Gracie D. Bell Small GAU 52.13 22.00 74.13
10 Cassi L. Venter Small SC 34.73 38.22 72.95
11 Dazzler L. Bristow Small WP 31.80 36.70 68.50
12 Kylie G. Frey Small KZN 12.00 44.11 66.11
13 Jessica A. Osenton Small GAU 8.00 30.00 38.00
14 Roxy P. Gouws Small WP 6.00 30.84 36.84
15 Zoe G. Blem Small WP 17.90 15.41 33.31

KUSA weekend held in May
Photo accreditation: Tamryn White

1. Mini Aussie- N-V.
Handler: Taryn Murphy

3. Merle Sheltie- Volt.
Handler: Alett Reed

4. Kooikerhondjie- Bowie.
Handler: Annaret Meintjes

5. Poodle.
Handler: Nan Perold’s

6. Sheltie- Katy.
Handler: Carolyn Chelchinskey

7. Border Collie- Trinity.
Handler: Tracey Lander

8. Staffie- Achilles.
Handler: Christine Broadbent

9. Belgian Malanois- Diva.
Handler: Yolan Friedmann

10. Mini Aussie- R-Tic.
Handler: Taryn Murphy