Crazy Critters

Your September Crazy Critters 2020

This is my pekingese boy, Bennie. He’s 2 years old. Musta,Rapa,Cia Aruschka Pieterse Luan and his doggie little Bella – they do everything together!! Emma

Your June Crazy Critters 2020

Is it time for a walkie? This is my leash. leave it! I know its not dinner time yet, but can I pleeeeeease have just

Crazy Critters lockdown edition #2

Keeping our kids and pets entertained during lockdown is challenging. De La Salle Holy Cross College Junior School thought of a good way to do

Crazy Critters lockdown edition

Staying at home with our pets during lockdown is great for some pets, but other pets might not be too happy with us being there

Your March Crazy Critters 2020

Maria Pollack of Angelica and Duke Pollack for their valentine selfies I am a clever clogs!!!! I deserve to be 1st in the grade!!!!!! ???

Your July Crazy Critters 2019

just smelling the roses Charlotte says: is there anymore food in here? Let sleeping dogs lie. (Rosie) Flash Rocky Flash and Rocky Mano and Halco

Your June Crazy Critters 2019

Kitson Bhika Raja and Rani Bhika Just chilling Raja and Rani Bhika Catching game Rani and Raja Bhika Sunday drive Rani Bhika Raja Bhika I

Your May Crazy Critters 2019

Rocky Who are you and what did you do with my owners?! Jinx Bella ….look at me This is Paddington from Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) taking

Your April Crazy Critters 2019

Julia Marais Joey. The most patient bunny ever HUGO HARVEY Charlie enjoying Netflix with me. Are you really just a doorstop? Tarçin Our very lovable

Your March Crazy Critters 2019

Kuma and Cia Mano Kuma Muri Cottonball “catnap” in the garden … Miekie loves sleeping with her head on a pillow. This princess is Jessie.
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