Dog breeds

Choosing a family dog

With so many breeds to choose from, you are bound to find a dog who will suit your lifestyle and requirements. While some people prefer

Choosing the ideal breed of dog

Over the years, people have developed and bred dogs for specific reasons – such as hunting, tracking down prey, or to be their companions, to

Breed profile:The Yorkshire Terrier

The gorgeous Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie as he is affectionately called, is an alert, boisterous little dog with plenty of spunk! He may be small in size but he makes up for it with his big personality.

African wild dogs

The African wild dog, also called the African hunting dog or African painted dog, is a member of the dog (canid) family and a native

The Golden Retriever

A charming character combined with great loyalty makes the Golden Retriever an excellent companion for children. This trustworthy dog loves the outdoors and an active

The German Shepherd

Highly driven, athletic, energetic and always up to a new challenge, the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) makes a great family protector, loyal companion and canine

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