Puppy Academy

Training timeline for puppies

Puppies’ first life lessons start while they’re still at the breeder, with their mom and siblings, learning and observing all the time. When you fetch

What puppy school is all about

Puppy classes are more than just teaching your dog a few tricks. Both of you will learn so much about each other, how to communicate

Dog anatomy

[emaillocker id="4506"] Dog anatomy Download[/emaillocker]

Choosing puppy scorecard

[emaillocker]It’s hard to remember the temperaments and personalities of each of the puppies you viewed. To make it easier for you, here is a scorecard

Quiz: Ready for a dog, or not?

[emaillocker]If you really want a dog but are not sure if you and your family should get one, it might be worthwhile taking this quiz.

Naming your furbaby

[emaillocker]There is a reason why there are books filled with possible names for babies – it is because naming your child isn’t such an easy

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