10 cool things about the fossa

Have you ever heard of a fossa? This little creature is totally different and even scientists struggled to categorise him. Let’s find out what is

10 Cool things about dolphins

Dolphins are amazing animals and we simply cannot get enough of them. Here are some 10 cool things everyone wants to know about them.  

The African leopard

Leopards may target livestock, but with the guidance of various conservation organisations, farmers can implement nonlethal methods for predator control

10 Cool things about the fossa

1.Is he a cat or is he a monkey?
He may look very cat-like and sport a long monkey-like tail, but the fossa’s closest relatives are members of the mongoose and civet families.

African wild dogs

The African wild dog, also called the African hunting dog or African painted dog, is a member of the dog (canid) family and a native

The African serval

Africa’s leggy beauty: The African serval is a proficient hunter – able to run, pounce on and secure his prey

Interesting facts about bugs

Most beetles have a hard shell to protect them from their predators. But the diabolical ironclad beetle makes sure he can’t be crushed to death,

Interesting facts about birds

Isn’t it amazing how birds can be standing on the ground one minute, and then fly up into the air the next? If you watch

Best pets for kids

Small rodents are some of the most suitable first pets for children due to their ready availability, affordability, small size and fairly short lifespans. Being

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