10 cool things about the gharial

There are 24 species of crocodiles around the world, but the gharial definitely looks different to the others. He also has more teeth than any

10 Monstrous bugs that are freaky

10. Mosquito Superpowers: Mass murderer, irritating In the number 10 spot, the cause of at least a million deaths a year – not through their

Entertain your bird’s mind

Can you imagine being ‘locked up’ in a cage every day of your life? Even worse – can you imagine having no way of keeping

10 ugliest animals in Africa

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some animals didn’t get the charming looks of others. We couldn’t decide which one of these

10 cool things about the vampire bat

Vampire bats? Yes, they do exist, but we’re not referring to Count Dracula. These little creatures have a specific role to play in nature –

Q & A: Bunny’s hairdo

Q: What is the best way to groom my rabbit? A: Rabbits, especially the long-haired varieties such as the Jersey Wooly, need regular grooming to

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