Dog talk

9 tips for easier puppy training

When you bring your puppy home, this is the best time to start teaching him and then continue for the duration of his life. The

7 post-activity grooming tips

Outdoor adventures with your dog are fun for both of you, but they might leave him dirty, muddy, covered in grass, or worse, with ticks

Never punish your pet

Children learn very quickly that punishment is a consequence of unwanted or naughty behaviour, but unlike children, animals do not understand punishment. A pet should

Q & A: Flossing dog’s teeth?

Q: Besides brushing my dog’s teeth as regularly as possible, do I have to floss his teeth as well? A: Flossing a dog’s teeth is

Training treat tips

When you train your dog, there is no doubt that you will need treats to reward him for his hard work. But certain questions often

Q & A: Fearful puppy

Q: Whenever we get guests, our puppy hides somewhere. How can I teach him more self-confidence?  A: Arrange for an accredited behaviourist to come and

Understanding vet hospitals

Hospitals are generally a scary place for many people, and even more so for our pets. All the funny smells and sounds can be overwhelming

Q & A: Digging patch

Why is a ‘dig patch’ ideal for dogs who love to dig? What kind of toys should I hide in there? Dogs need to dig.

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