Budz Bites – an ideal alternative to CBD oils!

Our Budz Bites range of CBD-infused pet treats are a more palatable alternative to the traditional CBD oils currently available on the market. Budz Bites pet treats are entirely meat- and preservative-free, contain only 100% natural products and are home-made in our bakery located on our property in Rietkol, Mpumalanga. Our bakery is managed by our master baker, ensuring consistency and quality.

We source our CBD isolate from a registered South African company, and every batch of CBD isolate is laboratory tested and certified. We pride ourselves on our responsible sourcing of our CBD, and believe that the integrity we display in our product sourcing has proved very popular with our furry customers and their valued owners!

Since our humble beginnings in April 2019, Budz Bites’ market share has grown at an organic pace, with over 180 stockists in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape, as well as online at takealot.com. We are currently expanding at an average growth rate of six to eight new stockists every month.

We have recently invested in and upgraded our bakery with industrial gas ovens in order to ensure that we are able to meet the demand capacity for the anticipated growth we continue to envisage. The ever-growing demand of our CBD-infused treats reflects the positive benefits of CBD for your beloved pets, with our peak periods of sales being times of celebration, such as Diwali and New Year, as well as summer times, with the associated thunder and lightning – a true testament to the anxiety-relieving qualities of CBD.

Over the years, we have received dozens of heart-warming (and tear-jerking) accounts from pet owners and rescue shelters, describing the amazing improvements in the animals’ ailments thanks to Budz Bites.

We have recently expanded our range, and our Budz Bites product portfolio now consists of:

* CBD sprinkles – for cats and elderly dogs (sprinkled over and mixed in with wet food)

* CBD mini bites – for tiny breeds

* CBD regular bites – for average-sized breeds

* CBD mega bites – for very large breeds

We have also recently launched our Budz Bites non-CBD-infused sweet treats for the equestrian markets, which are proving to be a very popular choice for tack shops and stables alike.

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