Crazy Critters lockdown edition

Staying at home with our pets during lockdown is great for some pets, but other pets might not be too happy with us being there all the time. Here are some of your pictures that you shared with us:

Selena is watching with one eye why the kids and dad are home all day.  Me and mu beasty boy Maverick are keeping fit and active indoor play and exercises  The days of our lives.        They loving all the cuddle time ( well Joey anyway , kitty doesn't look impressed) ?  Ours love it.            Nelly has always struggled with separation anxiety, she's better since I am a stay at home dog mom but now that her daddy is working from home she's in her element! She loves having her 2 people home 24/7 ???  My Brutus loves to sleep if he is not running around in the yard.  He does the roll... Then plays dead.... Mr. Griet!  Gibbs loves lockdown, getting all our attention all the time!    The cold also helps that she started to sleep with me again ? - 33 weeks pregnant.  Really struggling...        My cat is so happy to have me home.    Rainy Cape Town.  My 90 year old mom with 2 of my 6 cats.    Im a very lucky mommy who can take her girl with to work, being an Estate Agent in Rentals we are know as Team Dez & Lilly?  Poe is so happy that I am working from home. He gets snuggles all day long.  My daughter and maltese.  My dogs were quite confused... kept thinking we're going to do something.. now they're all calm and happy. My chickens have been loving it sooo much. When Im home they're open to roam, when Im working they're in their coop for safety. So they love the fact that they only sleep in the coop now.  Porg thinks my dog training is very confusing ? just wants the treat in my hand.    In charge of the remote. She loves to just chill close by mommy??    Chilling all day.  Darling boy Kashmir, posing with his winter jacket?  Angel, not sure why her Mom is in her space for so many days now?  My cat is not bothered about the lockdown. To him it only means his mom is home and he can sleep more comfortable on her than anywhere else.




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