Does your animal suffer from BAD BREATH?

ORAL RINSE FOR DOGS AND CATS is an excellent oral rinse containing Chlorhexidine, which is the most potent antiseptic used in oral hygiene.

Chlorhexidine has the ability to bind to the oral mucosa and skin.  This makes it ideal as it will not be washed out of the mouth rapidly.

Using Orovet on your pet on a regular basis:-

  2. Prevents and reduces plaque.
  3. Helps in the prevention of gingivitis.
  4. Promotes healing in the oral cavity after oral surgery, by reducing the risk of secondary infections.

Use at least ½ hour before or after a meal.  You can spray the Orovet directly into the mouth or by administering it into the mouth using a syringe.

Available from your nearest veterinary outlet.

Available in 250ml


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