Grooming equipment

[emaillocker]Some dogs and their owners prefer to have their grooming sessions at home. Here is a list of items that you should get ready before you start.

  • Slicker brush
  • Bristle brush
  • Grooming glove
  • Combs
  • Dog nail clippers
  • Pet shampoo
  • Towels
  • Cotton wool
  • Pet toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Apron for yourself
  • Rubber mat for the bottom of the bath
  • Plastic jug

Step-by-step guide to bathing your dog

Get everything ready, and within reach, before you start. Make sure that the water is the ideal temperature. Use your elbow to feel the water, as your hands can tolerate much warmer and colder temperatures than the rest of your body.

  • Give your dog a thorough brushing to get rid of loose hairs, mats, and knots in longer coats.
  • A rubber mat in the bath will prevent your dog from slipping in the water.
  • Small pieces of cotton wool in your dog’s ears will prevent water from entering the ear canal, but don’t push them in too deep, and remember to remove them again.
  • Thoroughly wet your dog’s coat and work up a lather with the shampoo all over his body. If he allows you to, give him a gentle massage as well. Remember to wash his face – a facecloth works fine.
  • When you rinse your dog, make sure you get rid of all the shampoo, and the same applies if you use conditioner.
  • You can either towel-dry your dog, or use a hairdryer on a low setting, and not too close to your dog’s coat.



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