Importance of routine – 6 things to do

Although your dog probably loves having you at home all day, it’s still important to keep to some form of routine during lockdown. Dogs are creatures of habit and, just as routines are important to children and adults for mental wellness, they are also important for our dogs. Being at home for an extended amount of time with your dog may increase the risk of him developing separation anxiety when you eventually return to normal working life.

What to do in lockdown

1. Stick to a schedule with your dog as much as possible. A stable and consistent routine provides security and predictability, and will help your dog to feel more secure and better able to cope when you return to work.

2. Try to create some structure, such as designated play time, quiet time and alone time, so your dog doesn’t expect your attention all the time. Create a designated space for him and provide something to keep him busy.

3. Set boundaries for your dog. Designate periods of ‘no attention’ time throughout the day, during which you don’t give him any attention.

4. If you are working from home, consider going into a bedroom or office, without your dog, and closing the door. This will give him the sense of being home alone, as though you have left to go to work.

5. Focus on spending quality time with your dog, instead of quantity.

6. Keep to the same feeding schedule that was in place before lockdown.

Article by: Alyson Kingsley-Hall


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