Klerksdorp SPCA call for support

The Klerksdorp SPCA is in dire financial straits. A call is being made for financial support to enable it to operate at full capacity and to be sustainable for the foreseeable future.

“This SPCA is in a mining belt and has been affected in many ways,” explained NSPCA Society Liaison Officer and Inspector Meg Wilson. “We emphasise that they provide essential services yet they struggle to keep their doors open in the face of overwhelming challenges.Their invaluable services to assist animals are constantly in demand.”

It is pleasing to note the community support for this SPCA which has led to the formation of a full Management Committee. Their efforts to raise funds are affected by the economic situation in the area as there is a great deal of poverty and limited opportunities for the kind of special events that could be held in larger centres of population.

As the Klerksdorp SPCAs services a mostly impoverished community, the raising of funds is extremely difficult.

The kennels are old and would benefit from repairs and renovation. This too costs money. Anyone willing to sponsor repairs and a specific kennel is invited to come forward as this would be an ideal way to demonstrate support.

The Klerksdorp SPCA would appreciate of any form of assistance and any financial contributions, no matter how small.

Their bank account details are: –
Standard Bank, Klerksdorp
Account 030 712 645
Branch Code 052 638

For more information:


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