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Top Dog Rules


All KUSA registered dogs and bitches are eligible. Eligibility is automatic – no forms or fees are required.

All references to dogs are intended to include both male and female animals.

Points will be awarded at all KUSA recognised Championship Dog Shows (excluding FCI and or CACIB shows) held by All Breeds Clubs or Group Clubs between 1st January 2015 and 31st December 2015 in the KUSA area of jurisdiction.

No points will be awarded at Specialist Breed Club shows, or shows held by clubs which represent fewer breeds than a complete Group, e.g: Gold Reef Sighthound Club and SA Short-Legged Terrier Club do NOT represent full Groups
At Group Club shows, points will be awarded for 1st to 4th in the Group as at an all breeds show.
Points will be awarded as follows: 1 point per dog beaten for any of the following awards: Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, Group 1st, Group 2nd, Group 3rd, Group 4th, provided that the dog winning the award also won the Best of Breed at the show concerned and, in the case of Reserve Best in Show, provided that the dog winning that award also won Group 1st at the show concerned. Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show points will only be awarded at all breeds championship shows, not at multi-group shows representing fewer than all seven Groups.

If 10 dogs are entered for an award, the winner will earn 9 points (10 minus himself).

Number of dogs beaten will be calculated as follows:

Best in Show: Total number of dogs entered in breed section of catalogue, minus 1.

Reserve Best in Show: Total number of dogs entered in breed section of catalogue, minus total number of dogs entered in Best in Show Winner’s Group, minus 1.

Group 1st: Total number of dogs entered in relevant Group, minus 1. In the event of a Group Winner going on to win Best in Show, or Reserve Best in Show, these points immediately fall away.

Group 2nd: Total number of dogs entered in relevant Group, minus total number of dogs entered in Group Winner’s breed, minus 1.

Group 3rd: Total number of dogs entered in relevant Group, minus total number of dogs entered in Group Winner’s breed and Group 2nd’s breed, minus 1.

Group 4th: Total number of dogs entered in relevant Group, minus total number of dogs entered in Group Winner’s breed, Group 2nd’s breed, and Group 3rd’s breed, minus 1.

Points earned at any one show will be non-cumulative: i.e. a dog winning Best in Show will immediately drop his Group 1st points and earn 1 point for each dog beaten at the whole show. He will NOT gain double points for beating the dogs in his own Group.

Calculations of number of dogs beaten will be based on number of dogs entered in the relevant marked show catalogue as submitted to KUSA. No account will be taken of whether dogs were present or not. Only dogs entered in the breed section of the official marked catalogue will be counted.

Whilst every precaution is taken, Panorama Publications (and/or any Sponsors) assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions that may occur in these Ratings. Decisions made by Panorama Publications (and/or any Sponsors) on all matters pertaining to the Ratings, including points’ allocation, are final and no correspondence will be entered into.


There are 1000 dogs entered in an all breeds show. 100 Gundogs, 120 Herding, 200 Hounds, 130 Terriers, 120 Toys, 140 Utility and 190 Working.

The Samoyed wins the Herding Group for which he earns 119 points. Then he goes Best in Show, so he immediately drops his 119 points and gets 999 for Best in Show -1000 (total number of dogs entered in show) minus 1 = 999.

The Whippet wins the Hound Group and gets 199 points. He then goes Reserve Best in Show, so he drops his 199 points and gets 879 points, which are made up as follows; 1000 (total number of dogs entered in show) minus 120 (total number entered in BIS Winner’s Group) minus 1 = 879.

There are 10 breeds entered in the Gundog Group and the entry numbers are as follows:

Cocker Spaniels 20; American Cockers 10; Clumber Spaniels 2; English Setters 3; Irish Setters 7; Gordon Setters 5; Pointers 3; Labradors 30; Golden Retrievers 11; Weimaraners 9; TOTAL 100.

The American Cocker wins the Group and gets 99 points, i.e. 100 (total dogs in Group) minus 1.

The Golden Retriever is placed second, he gets 89 points, i.e. 100 (total in Group) minus 10 (number of dogs in Group Winner’s breed) minus 1

The Pointer is placed third earning 78 points, i.e. 100 (total in Group) minus 10 (number of dogs in Group Winner’s breed) minus 11 (number of dogs in Group Second’s breed) minus 1.

The Weimaraner takes fourth place and 75 points, i.e. 100 (total in Group) minus 10 (number of dogs in Group Winner’s breed) minus 11 (number of dogs in Group Second’s breed) minus 3 (number of dogs in Group Third’s breed) minus 1.


(In approximate date order)
SA Ladies Kennel Association
Kennel Association
Liesbeek Kennel Club
Vereeniging & Districts Kennel Club
Jumior Kennel Club of Gauteng
Transvaal Midlands Kennel Club
Witwatersrand Kennel Club
Uitenhage Kennel Club
Port Elizabeth Kennel Club
Walmer & Suburban Kennel Club
Western Gauteng Kennel Club
Highway Kennel Club
Natal Coast Kennel Club
Northern Tshwane Kennel Club
Pretoria Kennel Club
East London Kennel Club
Port Rex Kennel Club
Kennel Union of SA (Championship show only – not Nationals or FCI shows)
Swartland Kennel Club
West Coast Kennel Club
George Kennel Club
Outeniqua Kennel Club
Durban & Districts Kennel Club
Pietermaritzburg Kennel Club
Eastern Districts Kennel Club
Windhoek Kennel Club
Hochland Kennel Club
KZN Junior Kennel Club
Zululand Kennel Club
Northern Natal Kennel Club
Goldfields Kennel Club
Roodepoort & Districts Kennel Club
Northern Free State Kennel Club
Bloemfontein Kennel Club
Kimberley Kennel Club
Queenstown Kennel Club
Grahamstown Kennel Club
Margate Kennel Club
Hibiscus Kennel Club
Sasolburg Kennel Club
TKC Kennel Club
Breede Rivier Kennel Club
Cape Town Kennel Club
Western Province Kennel Club
Hottentots Holland Kennel Club

(In approximate date order)
Algoa Hound Club
Baakens Valley Working & Herding Breeds Club
Terrier Club of Eastern Cape
Sporting Dogs Association
Pretoria Toy Dog Breeders Association
Jubilee Toy Dog Club
Natal Sporting Hounds
Natal Working & Herding Breeds Association
Transvaal Terrier Club
Kaffrarian Hound Association
Quinera Working & Herding Breeds Association
Natal Utility Breeds Club
KZN Sporting Hound Association
Natal Terrier Club
Natal Gundog Club
Toy Dog Breeders Association
East Coast Hound Club
Natal Toy Dog Club
Working & Herding Breeds, Golden Reef
OFS Terrier Club
Gundog Club Transvaal
Centenary Terrier Club
Utility Breeds Club of Gauteng
Working & Herding Breeds Club of the Cape
Cape Gundog Club
Victory Toy Dog Club
Cape Utility Dog Club
Cape Terrier Club
Cape Hound Club