Totally lickable relief from itchy skin

Dr Zoo is a natural pet care range that provides dogs, cats, horses and guinea pigs (any pet for that matter) with totally lickable products to combat dry and itchy skin. With various environmental allergens in the air and on the ground, our customers have reported that, by regularly using our products, their furbabies are less itchy and inflamed. At last, a range that brings South African pets relief from all that scratching and discomfort! We aren’t surprised about the fantastic results Dr Zoo is unlocking for our pets because, for years, humans have been benefitting from the power of 100% natural ingredients through Dr Zoo’s sister company, MooGoo. In fact, Dr Zoo came to life when many #MooGoo customers told us they were using the MooGoo shampoo on their pets, particularly itchy pets, and they were seeing awesome results and relief. With the expertise of MooGoo, we decided to develop a natural range of skin and fur care for our beloved pets.

Pets spend a lot of hours a day licking and grooming. That’s why it is very important that our ingredients should be 100% natural and totally lickable. We are passionate believers in letting pet owners know exactly which ingredients we use; that way, you can research the ingredients yourself to make sure they are healthy for your pets. That is why we list all ingredients on our products and website.

#JoinThePack and allow Dr Zoo to help you give your pets extra TLC through products like our Natural Calming Shampoo, Irritable Skin Cream, Ruff to Fluff Natural Dry Shampoo or Lose the Groupies Protective Bug Spray.


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