What’s going down with the Penguins?

What’s going down with the Penguins? Read the News Alerts here. And for more information, get the December issue of Animaltalk Magazine. #AnimaltalkNews #AnimaltalkMagSA


Wednesday 19 November:


News Alert! No. 1


Strange behaviour in penguin enclosure…


The curator in charge of the penguins at the Pretoria Zoo, has reported some rather unusual activity in the birds’ enclosure today. It appears that some of the penguins are on the move – four small suitcases were spotted near the exit, and some of the black-and-white birds were seen sporting colourful summer hats. This behaviour is most unusual and cannot be explained at this stage. However, a highly-trained team of secret agents has been posted near the enclosure to keep an eye out for any further movement.


We will keep you posted on any further developments…


News Alert! No. 2


Penguins putting their beaks up at daily fish meal…


It seems the penguins are in the news this week, with yet another report hot off the press. ‘Elijah, would’ you believe that reports are coming in of penguins literally putting their beaks up at the fish being offered to them for their daily meal – the same fish that they have been enjoying day in and out in the past. Some of the birds were also spotted with strange orange stains around the beak and throat area, and are being monitored closely by their keepers.


We will update you on more news as it becomes available to us…




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