10 safety tips around the pool

In South Africa, summer is all about having fun around the swimming pool, with games and laughter. Of course, this scenario includes our furry family too, and one can almost hear the excited barking and splashing of water. And it is possible to include our dogs in the fun by playing games with them while still playing it safe.

Safety first

  1. When you have a swimming pool in your yard, it is extremely important to always keep it covered with a safety net – even if you don’t have children or pets of your own in the garden. Children and pets are attracted to water and will find a way to get to the swimming pool, and you don’t want to find a child or animal drowned in your pool. When you purchase a safety net, check the hole sizes to make sure they are small enough so that no child or animal can fall through the net.
  2. Don’t use a pool cover as a safety net. It gives children and animals the wrong impression that they can walk on the cover. And if they do fall into the pool, it might be difficult to spot them under the cover.
  3. A pool fence is extremely important as an additional safety barrier. Make sure that the fence is robust and that no animal or child will be able to get past it.
  4. If your dog can’t swim or struggles to get out of the pool, install special steps or a ramp so that it is easier for him to get out when there is nobody close by to help him.
  5. Even if your dog is a strong swimmer, it might be safer to let him wear a life jacket whenever he is swimming and playing in the water with you.
  6. Never allow your dog to swim by himself – always supervise him. Anything can happen at any time. Think of your dog as a two-year-old toddler who can get into trouble without even trying.

Swimming lessons

  1. Make sure that your dog gets swimming lessons from a young age. It’s a myth that all dogs can swim. Although they may have the natural instinct to paddle in the water, many dogs can’t swim due to their physique. For instance, the Bulldog’s head is large in proportion to his body size, while the Dachshund might struggle due to his longer-than-usual body. And if your dog just can’t learn to swim, then you will have to keep him away from the water.

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