100% Natural Relief for Itchy Pet Skin

Dr Zoo is a natural range of fur- and skincare for pets by MooGoo. After discovering the wonderful effects MooGoo products had on humans (and their pets), MooGoo developed a pH-balanced range specifically for pets – particularly itchy ones! Many pets struggle with itchy skin. Often, dryness is behind their constant scratching and, other times, it’s something more serious, like allergies. Dr Zoo’s Shampoo and Conditioner, together with its Irritable Skin Cream, has helped many pets get relief from itchiness caused by dry skin or environmental allergies, such as grass and dust.

But Dr Zoo isn’t only about combating the itch. The range is about giving your pets a Totally Lickable, 100% natural alternative to pet coat- and skincare. Its Tame the Mane Grooming Cream detangles and freshens fur, while moisturising the skin; the Lose the Groupies Protective Bug Spray offers pets relief from insects; and the Crusty Nose Itchy Toes Nose and Paw Butter calms and conditions dry, sore and itchy paws and noses. Dr Zoo even has a zinc-free, SPF 15 natural sun cream to protect pets with light-coloured noses, and thin or missing fur, from sun sensitivity.


You can find Dr Zoo at a growing number of pet shops and vets across South Africa, or shop via its online store: www.drzoo.co.za


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