1200 litres of water to destitute animals in Cape Town

The Animal Welfare Society of South Africa recently received a donation of 1,200 litres of water from Bosch Home Appliances in collaboration with the Water for Paws as part of Bosch’s national pledge to bring relief to animal shelters.

With drought taking its toll on the Cape Town areas the past couple of months, Water for Paws in collaboration with Bosch, started an initiative that will see to it that approximately 1,000 animals will receive water.

“The silver lining surrounding the all too infrequent clouds (until recently) is that such disasters galvanise us as a nation and it has been so heart-warming to see South Africans from all walks of life pulling together in the true spirit of Ubuntu. To have a positive relationship with corporate SA especially trusted, iconic brands like Bosch will ensure that we prevail despite the seemingly insurmountable odds. We cannot win this battle alone,” said Allan Perrins, resource development and communication officer at the Animal Welfare Society.



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