25th Animaltalk Top Dog Awards

… and the TOP DOGS for 2019 are…


Saturday, 18 January, saw the 25th annual Animaltalk TOP DOG AWARDS held at the Indaba Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The awards ceremony was about canine perfection and celebrating the best of the best. Recognition awards for human commitment to welfare and veterinary excellence were also awarded.

While the country’s TOP DOGS in the agility sport – for the categories small, medium and large breeds – were awarded for being the best ranked dogs by Animaltalk on the course, the country’s TOP DOG came from the Animaltalk ranking of the 100 best show dogs in the country.

See the March edition of Animaltalk magazine for the feature coverage of the event, with even more images of the winning dogs. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for the next couple of days, as we will load more pictures, and look out for the collector’s edition of the 25th Animaltalk TOP DOG AWARDS available in February.

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